In Memory of Oscar Schindler – From Schindler's List

Oscar Schindler would have been a German. At the very beginning of WWII, Poland was taken by Germany. And the Jews were driven here and there. There was nowhere for them. Oscar gone after Poland to earn money. He believed wars could bring him money. And the Jews were cheap labors. So Oscar got a new broken enamel factory and hired hundreds of of Jews. He treated the Jews well. The Jews were working very hard and Oscar was setting up a lot of cash. Other Jews were under the danger of death every minute. Once, Oscar went outside for riding.

He saw a huge selection of Jews killed by Nazi army headed by Amon Goeth(played by Ralph Fiennes, the one who played Lord Voldemort in Harry Potter series.). How could Nazi be so brutal? He wished to save them, at the very least save his workers. He handed up a fortune for the Nazi army with his fantastic workers came back. Later, all of the Jews could be provided for Auschwitz Concentration Camp. What the fortune with the Jews can be, everybody knows. Then โดจิน lost the battle his factory and used a fortune to Nazi army leader Amon Goeth(played by Ralph Fiennes, the one that played Lord Voldemort in Harry Potter series.) buy the lives of his workers. He could remember almost all of the names of his workers. This is really very admirable. He moved them to his hometown by train.

The women were wrongly taken up Auschwitz. He visited Auschwitz to save them and finally succeeded to obtain rid of it to his hometown. They began to make bombs. But in the following 7 month, none from the bombs were sold for cash because none of them were skilled bomb workers. So he went bankrupt. Then it was the conclusion of WWII. He allow workers free and wished good for the kids. He was charged as being a criminal who made bombs and illegally hired workers. The workers did thank him and wrote a lengthy paper for him to spell out his good deeds. At last, he was awarded for the purpose he’d done. There are only 4000 Jews in Poland now. But the Jews Oscar saved along with their descendents now depends upon greater than 6000. So Oscar was obviously a hero. He deserved every one of the thanks from Jews and many types of through the people alive now.

When people were inside danger for being killed, they might be so pure that they cherish all of the good stuff for them and gratitude all the prayers for the kids. Most of us have become residing in peace. Hope all of the people inside world are residing in peace.