You Can?t Take The South Out Of The Girl

Have you watched Sweet Home Alabama? It hit the silver screen made use of in 2002. It was one those romantic comedies. I was still attending college then and was yet cynical. If you cannot remember it coming from all the flicks you?ve seen days gone by five years, maybe these names will jog your memory. It was starring Legally Blonde actress Reese Witherspoon, A Beautiful mind?s Hansen, Josh Lucas, and Patrick Dempsey, resident doctor of Grey?s Anatomy.

To further refresh your memories, here?s how a story goes. Melanie Carmichael, played by Reese, is the hot new designer in Big Apple. She is living the life span she wanted since she was young. When she thinks that life can not get any better, her too-good-for-words boyfriend, Andrew Hennings, get down to his knee and proposed with all the current rings in Tiffany. If only things were that easy. Even facing her snotty soon-to-be mother-in-law, Kate Hennings, Mayor of New York City, cannot can rival the dread Melanie?s feeling when she’s revisit Alabama to take care of her roots and her husband, Jake Perry, played by Josh. Since Jake hasn’t signed the divorce papers she sent five years ago, she’s to consider that overdue day at Alabama. The plot basically revolved about Melanie making peace with her past to ensure that she could move ahead. It ended with a happy note with Melanie and Jake in the same spot where they kissed eons ago while lightening bolts were all over the place. True to its tagline, ?Sometimes that which you?re trying to find is right in places you left it.?

Aside in the mushy stuff, I had fun using the movie with all of its subtle, and not-so-subtle, jabs about Alabama. Here are the punch lines that made it to my top three:

After having a quick look on the divorce papers, Jake tells Melanie that he needs to see his lawyer while he?s a country boy as well as the papers have words he can?t pronounce considerably more give meaning to.

If there exists a part of the entire movie who’s very vocal about her views about people in the South, the award would go to Mayor Hennings. When Her Highness set her foot in Alabama, she?s nothing but sarcastic. After smacking a mosquito, she said, ?One down, six million to go.? Melanie?s father has his comebacks. For this one, he was quoted saying, ?Careful, you just killed hawaii bird of Alabama.?

Mayor Kate Hennings did it again. She said to Melanie?s mom, in the condescending manner that she has all through the film, to ?get back to your double-wide and fry something.? Apparently, that?s one too many for Melanie because she decked the mayor just after the words were spoken.

There are forums and other discussions regarding the movie regarding the way it depicts Alabamians. Personally, I don?t think it will sometimes be a concern but I guess if you reside in Alabama and the world will dsicover you being a Yankee hick, it would not sit well would you like to.

Labels tend to generalize. As much as we would like to avoid stereotyping, it is there. The least we’re able to do is make the best of it. You might at the same time change it into something you will be satisfied with. If people will dsicover you as being a hick, then prove to them that being one dosen’t mean you’re below them. It?s all a matter of perspective. If you lived within the city all of your life and you may never see eye to eye using a person from Alabama, you could attempt for a common ground, and prevent with the insults. On the other hand, if you might be in the South and may?t make ซีรี่ย์จีน change their views, go while using flow. As they say, if you possibly could?t beat them, join them. Look at it as another joke. As long as you know your value, a few jabs wouldn’t hurt.

All in every, it absolutely was an excellent movie. I gave it four out of five popcorns. Kudos to Mayor Hennings!